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802 - 804 Queens Drive
(opposite The Rocket)
L13 4BT

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0151 252 2211
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Q: Why does my dog need a full groom every 6 to 8 weeks?
A: Many of our most loved and popular breeds of dog do require grooming to maintain a full standard of health, not just to maintain the look of the breed, and this can not be managed by the owner themselves. Professional grooming offers the additional advantage of tailoring your dogs cut to his lifestyle, i.e. a non-breed standard strip cut for a dog who loves the beach and sea (and the owner who does not want sand on their sofa).

Q: How do I know how often my dog needs to be groomed?

A: In general most breeds benefit from a groom every 6 to 8 weeks, with some basic grooming maintenance on a regular basis by the owner. In some cases your dogs coat may be suited to leaving it slightly longer for a professional groom, however to maintain a healthy coat and look of the breed we would advise a maximum 10 weeks between grooms.


Q: Why is it important to brush my dog?
A: All dogs must be brushed regularly (whatever the coat or breed type), brushing not only is good for the well-being of the coat by removing dead fur, it also stimulates blood-flow to the skin and encourages a healthy and glossy coat. It is also a bonding experience that both you and your dog should enjoy.

Q: Why is it important to bathe my dog?
A: Every dog benefits from being bathed regularly to remove debris, mud and dead skin cells. However, ideally this should be no more than every 4 weeks as over-bathing can strip the skin of natural oils - which adversely affects the overall appearance and condition of fur. Also, for dogs with sensitive skin it can actually have the opposite affect and harm or irritate the skin.

Q: Why do dogs ears require checking?
A: All dogs ears need to be cleaned. Many breeds of dog, i.e.: wool breeds, terriers etc. have fur that grows downwards into the ear canal. The hair needs to be removed on a regular basis to ensure minimal discomfort to the dog and to prevent any blockages occurring which would require medical attention if left. By using an Artery Forcep, the fur is plucked from the ear canal and the outer ear is cleaned with veterinary approved solution.

Q: I regularly walk my dog, why should I have her nails checked?
A: Dogs nails grow at different speeds (this is not breed dependent, but specific to your dog), therefore we check their growth and / or any damage at each groom as part of the grooming package. For some short haired breeds or for those owners who prefer additional checks in between grooms we are more than happy to offer nail care as and when needed.


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