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802 - 804 Queens Drive
(opposite The Rocket)
L13 4BT

0151 252 2211

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802 - 804 Queens Drive
(opposite The Rocket)
L13 4BT

Established 2000

0151 252 2211
A Well Groomed Dog
is a Happy Dog

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► Owners' Responsibilities

Part of a responsible owners job is to groom their dog regularly.

This removes knots and debris from their coat and it is also a good pleasurable bonding experience for you and your dog.

For whatever reason, if you cannot groom your own dog, ring FOUR PAWS!!! We will work out a grooming and trimming schedule for you (with this we can keep the cost to a minimum).

To groom your dog, you will need only a suitable brush and comb for their coat type.

Ask a Qualified Groomer....Advice Does Not Cost Anything!

Our Aims as a Qualified Grooming Parlour

To provide your dog with a trim to suit its  lifestyle and allow you to groom it much easier between cuts.

To have a stress free environment in which to trim your dog, so he/she feels comfortable and happy while we trim him/her.

This will in turn allow the dogs to be trimmed not under duress but by co-operating happilytherefore saving you money and stress whilst having a happy dog.

To give information about grooming and trimming your dog.

Procedures in the Parlour New Customers and Puppies

As soon as your puppy has completed its vaccinations, it should start making visits to the grooming salon.

Any new dog or puppy is left to sit without being disturbed to observe these new surroundings. This may take 10 minutes or a couple of visits before the dog becomes relaxed and is able to begin the trimming process. Your dog has to know us and we have to get to know your dog.

The first visits will be hygiene cuts and basic breed shaping rather than in-depth scissoring.

Your dog does have a mind of its own and has to be trained to stand still whilst being worked on with sharp instruments.

If regular stress free visits to the parlour are done early on it leads to a much happier experience with the grooming procedure for your dog.

•  Our Price list is based on dogs coming in on a regular basis that are co-operative and are being groomed between cuts.

•  Any more work involved for whatever reason will be charged for as an extra as it will take more time.

•  If regular stress free visits to the parlour are done early on, it leads to a much happier life all round and saves you money and unnecessary stress in the long term.

The brushing and trimming process is an unnatural experience for any dog to go through.

For a lot of breeds it is vital to ensure a clean and healthy life.

To make life a little more pleasurable for our furry friends and yourselves come and see us.